BFD Only Dept. in State to Develop Wildfire Pre-Attack Plan

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The Bryan Fire Department has developed a plan to make fighting wildfires more effective, and it's catching the attention of other departments across the state.

The 2011 Dyer Mills Fire in Grimes County is one of several wildfires that Bryan Fire Chief Randy McGregor has helped fight.

A new tool developed to aid firefighters across the state is something he also helped put together.

"This is going to make us better at saving your property and potentially your life,” said McGregor.

The booklet is a Wildfire Pre-Attack Plan. The department will hand these booklets out to other fire departments that would help Bryan firefighters if the city is affected by a wildfire.

"They can look through here and find water sources and different attack strategies, where high risk areas are, acronyms that we use. All this stuff to basically make them Bryan-aware,” said McGregor.

It took months to gather all the information, and now the plan is done.

The completion of the booklet has a deeper meaning for the Bryan Fire Department. One of the key players who helped put the booklet together is Lt. Eric Wallace who was killed in a fire in Bryan in February. The booklet is, in part, dedicated to him.

"We wanted to finish it and we wanted to get it done. We felt like as soon as we can get back on it, I know it would have meant a lot to him to see it finished and that is what we did,” said McGregor.

The plan can also be found on a Smartphone App.

The Bryan Fire Department plans to update the booklets every couple of years.