Bryan ISD Knocking on Doors to Bring Dropouts Back to School

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BRYAN They're going door to door all over Bryan looking for nearly 100 kids who for one reason or another, dropped out of school. The Bryan Independent School District is pulling an all out 'blitz' to bring students back to school.

"Without an education we don't think they have much of a chance for success," said James Henry, a counselor with the school district.
"So even in the rain, we're going to find our kids and get them back in school."

Henry has made it his priority to make sure students complete school, but most importantly to let them know they aren't alone.

"Many of them are surprised to see us when they open their door, but they are also happy to know that they mean something to us," the counselor said.

Its counselors like Henry who inspired Sergio to go back to school.
"I haven't really been in school for long," said the 15 year-old freshman.

Sergio has been going to the M.C. Harris alternative school for two years. It allows students to take classes that they dropped out of.
Barbara Ybarra said most of the students who dropped out will be returning to this school for additional attention.

"They want to go to school in a different way, an alternative way," Ybarra said.

She said since the program started 5 years ago, the dropout rate has substantially decreased. "We want them to be successful, and we want them to get a high school diploma," Ybarra said.

Allowing students like Sergio to finally reach their goal.

"I will be the second person to graduate from my family," Sergio said.