BPD: Drug Deal Gone Wrong Led to Murder

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Bryan Police are alleging the suspect in Sunday night's murder was a buyer in a drug deal, and the victim was the seller.

Marcus Watson Jr., 23, was arrested Tuesday by College Station Police on what authorities say was an unrelated drug charge. Wednesday, Bryan Police served Watson a warrant for a murder charge in the death of Trevor Williams, 19.

In the probable cause statement released Thursday morning, police say were informed that Watson was one of three people who went to Williams' residence in the 4400 block of Carter Creek Parkway to buy marijuana.

According to the report, investigators were told Eron Guevara went into Williams' home alone while Moses Long and Watson stayed in Watson's car outside. Watson is believed to have eventually left the car.

When Guevara returned for the money to complete the deal, Watson was still gone. Guevara reportedly panicked at that point, and when Watson eventually returned from the residence with a suitcase, he said things had gone bad.

"I may have shot him," Watson reportedly said, according to the PC statement.

Williams was shot in the head, according to police, and died Monday at St. Joseph Hospital in Bryan.

Guevara's phone was found at the scene of the murder, police say. It reportedly had several calls to Watson on record from Sunday.

An acquaintance of Long also reportedly told police she and Long had talked about purchasing marijuana. Eventually, she said a person she knew as "Watt" came to pick up Long Sunday sometime between 10:15 and 11:45 p.m. and wouldn't allow her to come along. When they returned around 11:45 p.m., the acquaintance reportedly said Long told her something had gone wrong. They eventually ended up at "Watt's" house where there was a black bag supposedly filled with drugs. "Watt" also had a handgun in his waistband.

The acquaintance was later shown a picture of Watson and confirmed that it was "Watt."

Police also talked to a woman who said she and Watson were in a relationship and living together in College Station. The girlfriend reportedly told authorities she could not account for Watson's whereabouts for at least two hours Sunday night.

The police report states that when detectives interviewed Watson about the murder, he said that he had been with the girlfriend all day and night on Sunday. When confronted with evidence to the contrary, he continued to deny being at the scene of the murder or committing it. He eventually told police he didn't want to keep speaking with them.

Watson is in the Brazos County Jail for the seventh time since 2010. Most of his arrests have been on drug charges. His bond as of Thursday morning was set at $200,000.