BTU Expanding Power Substations in South Brazos County

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BTU power substations are under construction which indicates
growth and progress in the Brazos Valley.

Bryan Texas Utilities is expanding it's current power systems and residents like Clint Schlinke are taking notice.

"We noticed that the, they were putting in the bases for the towers a couple of weeks ago," said Schlinke.

Over the next few months, BTU crews will be putting up new utility poles along Highway 50 in Burleson County to build reliability for all their power systems.

"We're putting in major improvements at the Snook substation and tying in really the northwest side of our system to the southwest side," said Miller.

For the past forty years power experts say one substation has been powering Snook and surrounding areas.

But now this small substation in Burleson County is about to get a lot bigger. And it's not all because of growth near Snook, but back to the south in Wellborn. The expansion and new lines will prepare for the next forty years and beyond.

"There are a lot of new subdivisions going in so were planning to serve the subdivisions that are going in now and whatever load growth we'll see for the next 30-50 years," said Miller.

"That's positive if there are hurricanes or other disruptions like that if they can rotate power from one source to another to ensure consistent power to us that'll be a positive thing," said Schlinke.

BTU says this substation is the first phase in their power project and should be finished by September 2013.

Phase two in the project will be connecting all these substations together in a network. The project should cost around 38-million dollars when finished.