Facing Your Fears: Heights

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BRYAN - I have a fear of heights. I'm not sure when it started, or when I became aware, but it is a definite fear. Maybe it's more the fear of falling than heights, but to fall you have to be higher than the ground.

Fear Week on Brazos Valley This Morning is all about facing those demons. I ended up at the Lonestar Trapeze Academy.

First, owner Chad Davis and I stretch. It is, after all, a pretty good work out. Then, he walks me through the first trick I'll learn, on the ground.

Trust me, it's harder than you think.

Now, it's time to climb the ladder.

"This could be the wobbliest ladder you could need to climb," I say, my nerves are starting to get to me.

The view from the platform is nice. It's definitely not as high as I thought. Until I grabbed the bar. At this point, I'm being held by the safety harness as I lean out over a giant net.

Then, I got the cue. A small leap and I'm swinging through the air. It feels great. From the ground to hanging upside down in less than five minutes.

I'm hooked.

I'd get the chance to practice more swings. The first trick I learned was hooking my legs around the bar and hanging upside down.

Then came the final trick; a hand off in mid air.

I was nervous as I climbed the ladder. I had to hook my legs on the first swing out so I would match up with the person catching me.

I struggle, but get my legs over the bar. I flip backwards and reach out. The catcher's hands grab mine and that's it!

I'm hanging by my hands! I'm lowered down into the net with a huge smile. I faced my fear and learned the trapeze.