Babies Needed for Infant Research at Texas A&M

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The Infant Cognition Lab at Texas A&M needs your help. They're looking for babies between three months and 18 months to take part in their latest research project.

The experiments, which are all non-invasive and take about 20 minutes each, are designed to answer two main questions: What do babies know and how do babies learn?

They'll be put through a series of tests to see how they react to certain circumstances. For example, the researchers will record how babies react to different emotions and where on the face do they tend to focus. They'll also watch a puppet show and play with toys, and again, their reactions will be recorded.

Babies are allowed to come once a month and as a thank you for your time, you'll be given $5 or a free t-shirt.

There is an assigned parking space so you won't have to search for campus parking, and there is free baby-sitting for siblings who are too old to participate themselves.

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