'Bandit Signs' Removed to Lower Distracted Driving, City of CS Says

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College Station We drive by them all the time. "There are signs everywhere," said Jason Schubert, College Station Principal Planner. "It's hard to tell where you're going."

In College Station it's illegal to have unauthorized signs on city property. He said the city of College Station is doing it's best to keep the streets clean of "bandit signs." If the prohibited signs are not taken down immediately they can cost the offender up to $2,000 in fines.

"It's not that they are prohibited necessarily by themselves, it's just that they are additional signage than what is already allowed." Schubert said these small signs can be potentially dangerous to drivers, causing unnecessary distractions for drivers on the road.

According to the city, there are too many real estate signs on an apartment complex's property. If they are not taken down by the owner, a crew will come by and remove them. Schubert said apartment complexes are only allowed one real estate sign in front of the street.

"Anything additional would be prohibited," Schubert said.

These regulations make the city look cleaner and allow less of a distraction for drivers. "It actually makes it a safer place for each of us to drive," Schubert said. "Not only for me as a driver, but for those around me and they'll be less likely to be distracted."