Behavioral Health Hospital In The Works For College Station

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A mental hospital could be coming to College Station.

It would be the first in a series of new developments for College Station's newly-designated Medical District along Rock Prairie Road.

News 3 looked into the plan that could create an estimated 200 new jobs.

Trees and bushes are the only thing you'll find at a 17 acre patch of property next to the College Station Medical Center and Brian Bachmnan Communty Park, but plans are in the works for a behavioral health hospital.

Scott Day comes to the skateboard park a lot and lives nearby.

"I think it'll be a little bit surprising for most of the people that go here. It'll be something to get used to basically... Parents might be a little more concerned," said Day of College Station.

This is still in the planning stage, but the College Station City Council has approved spending $300,000 extending Normand Drive across Rock Prairie road to enable development.

Randall Heye is the Economic Development Anaylst for the city.

"This will be what’s called a specialized health hospital and they’ll work on behavioral health issues. And as part of that they'll do a number different kind of treatments; family therapy, family counseling opportunities. Just a whole litany of different services to the community and the region," said Heye.

The proposed hospital would take at least two years to build but would also help law enforcement with having a place to send suspects who need mental assistance.

Suspects now have to be sent as far away as Austin or Houston for treatment.

"We could take them to people who are specially trained to deal with that type of situation also be better for the consumer," said Officer Rhonda Seaton with the College Station Police Department.

"It'll be good to have them in the community because it's not so far of a drive," said Scott Day.

Day likes the idea but questions it being located next to one of his favorite spots.

The College Station City Council is expected to consider the development plan in the coming weeks.

If approved the hospital would be built on six acres of that private land.

$165,000 of the cost for widening Normand Drive will come from bond funds, while $135,000 would be paid by the College Station Medical Center.