Better Business Bureau Fields Complaints About Wholesale Overstock Sale

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COLLEGE STATION A Wholesale Overstock sale has prompted a few complaints to the local Better Business Bureau about false claims.

And the BBB is saying buyer beware.

But a News 3 trip to the temporary store in south College Station revealed a few things about what's being sold, and whether it's on the up and up.

"This weekend in College Station!"

You've seen the TV ads promising incredible deals on electronics.

"laptops $129, desktops $79, tablets $69, floorjack and cordless drills $15, TVs $99, smartphones $49, Apple I-pads $199, I-phone,$149..."

Hold the phone, I-phones for 149-dollars?

"We do not have any new I-Phones left right now, but we do have refurbished I-Phones."

But Wade Olson, the manager of Overstock Wholesale, based out of Dallas, says 90% of what he sells IS new.

He was very accomodating in letting us see some of the electronics, computers, tools, Tvs, I-Pads, jewelry and perfume at his temporary store at the corner of Texas Avenue and 2818.

"Just came in, cases of Diesel audio radio."

"Planet Audio, new, VHD, new, Kenwood, new, Planet Audio, ICBM, new."

But the local Better Business Bureau says some consumers have complained that the commercials may not be quite matching what's available.

BBB President Bill McGuire says, "People need to know that there is probably not going to be the kind of deal they're looking for when they go out there. So they need to beware of that."

Olson counters, "Everybody has complaints. We take care of our customers. If there is a problem, we will fix it. I'm not saying everything in here is going to work."

We observed quite a few new items, but what has also troubled some consumers: a 6 dollar so-called "member fee" to get in, and the black curtains covering the windows.

We asked Olson, "Why black out the windows? You know we've tried a lot of things, part of it is security at night. We like people to come here and look and come through the door and see it, rather than peeking through the window."

And as far as that entrance charge of 6 dollars for every adult, well, some like it, and some don't.

One customer said, "It cost 6 dollars to get in, so I was like, OK, I'm just going to go."

Another leaving with a car speaker said, "We ended up paying 12 dollars and yeah, it was worth it. It was worth going in, I think it was."

Wholesale Overstock has a lease at that location that only lasts another month, and then they move onto another location.