Bryan Budget Slated for Public, Council Review

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BRYAN, Texas - The City of Bryan has a few increases included in this year's budget proposal, but property taxes aren't one of them.

The oil and gas boom has proved to be good business for Bryan. The city receives royalties from money made by the companies on city land. But while the money is good, it's not steady. Because of that, Bryan Chief Financial Officer Joe Hegwood said the city wants to put the extra cash into a separate fund.

"The budget includes an oil and gas fund, which will be moving about a million dollars out of the general fund," said Hegwood.

The city also expects to break the $1 million mark on revenue generated from the hotel, motel tax. It was about half that amount back in 2012.

There are about $5 million in increases in this year's proposed budget, including 3.5 percent pay raises for some employees and some added muscle to the police and fire departments.

"Six firefighters and three police officers," said Hegwood. "And the related equipment and vehicles associated with that."

The budget also includes just over $1 million for new skate parks.

A public hearing is scheduled for Tuesday, August 26, at the City of Bryan Municipal Office Building at 300 S. Texas Avenue. It will then go before council for a first reading. If no changes are made, it will go up for a second and final reading the following week.