Bill Paxton Visits Sam Houston State University

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HUNTSVILLE - Hollywood star Bill Paxton visited Sam Houston State University to prepare for a new role.

The actor is gearing up to play Sam Houston in an upcoming History Channel mini-series about the Texas Revolution and the rise of the legendary Texas Rangers, called “Texas Rising.” Paxton toured the Sam Houston Memorial Museum, reviewed Sam Houston’s letters and personal artifacts and even inspected a lock of his hair.

“It’s been a bonanza for me,” Paxton said. “I’ve had a lot of eureka moments just walking around and holding some of these items.”

Paxton, a native of Fort Worth, will be joined by a cast that includes Ray Liotta (Alamo survivor), Brendan Frasier (Texas Ranger), Chad Michael McMurray (Colonel Mirabeau B. Lamar) and Olivier Martinez (General Santa Ana).

“When you do something Period, you gotta say ‘well why is it relevant today?” said Paxton. “You see a man who had this kind of courage and character and you realize we need people like this. We need people to be raised like this who have uncompromising ethics and a value system of fair treatment.”

‘Texas Rising’ is scheduled to air sometime next year.