Billy Rice Halfway Through Ride the Divide 6K Mile World Record

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He's already cycled more than 2,500 miles over the last three weeks; and now PHI Paramedic Billy Rice has made it to Canada in his quest to break a world record. We first told how Rice has entered the Ride the Divide Challenge for the second year in a row -- except this year; he's doubling the race 3,000 mile race.

The people, places, and things he gets to see is absolutely life-changing.

“Look, look, look, that’s a black bear, a black bear," exclaimed Rice while after spotting a bear on his route.

“It's obviously a beautiful country and you get to see it from a different perspective than most of us will ever get to see,” said Billy’s Father, Randy.

Billy Rice started at the finish line in Antelope Wells, New Mexico on May 25th;

“Last year it took him 25 days to make it from Antelope Wells New Mexico to Banff,” said Randy Rice.

Aside from some major bike complications, Rice made it the starting line in Banff Canada in 22 days, 18 hours and 38 minutes. After a few large meals, a shower and a couple hours of sleep, Rice turned right back around to catch up with the 140 other cyclists and finish the last leg of the race.

"Last year when he arrived in Antelope Wells New Mexico he was worn out,” Randy Rice added.

Rice's father, Randy says the training for the race this year has helped his son out tremendously.

“He lost 25 pounds last year in his 25 day run and it looks like this year he's lost less than half that weight on the way up and I would presume that's from his preparation.

And his endurance and positive state of mind is helping him endure all possibilities that come his way.

“Let’s go catch some blue dots,” said Billy in a cell phone video.

Those blue dots Billy refers to are the GPS tracking dots on a map where you too can keep up with his every move. You can find that link below this story.