Black Friday vs. Cyber Monday

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Holiday shoppers traveled from far and near to get the best Black Friday deals.

“I came from El Paso to buy a TV, so it's a long way,” said Angelica Rodriguez, a Best Buy Black Friday shopper.

Rafael Pena was at the front of the Best Buy line Thursday night, but he had to camp out for two days to secure his spot.

“This year I made a statement that I'm going to be first in line and I'm going to get what I want to get,” said Pena.

For some, looking back at Black Friday brings back bad memories.

“Black Friday was just door to door no room to move, people were really vicious, so it was really interesting,” said Praveena Paladugu.

That’s why some people say shopping online Cyber Monday is a great way to get the deals without dealing with the crowds.

“Everything gets pretty crazy around Christmas time,” said James Wise, “So I've always found that it’s easier to do shopping online because you don't have to wait in line and shipping is often times free, so it’s just simpler.”

James Wise says he plans to his holiday shopping online this year.

“I have an idea of what I want so I'll be looking for those specific items. If they're on sale tomorrow, then I'll be getting them,” said Wise.

Wise won't be alone. Millions of shoppers are expected to cut the lines and check out with just a few clicks this Cyber Monday.