Blinn Board Approves New 53 Acre Campus Contract in College Station

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BRENHAM - Blinn College hopes to build a new campus and research facility in College Station.

The institution's Board of Trustees has approved the purchase of nearly 54 acres of land at the 2500 block of Earl Rudder Freeway South to accommodate for increase in enrollment that it has seen at its Bryan and Brenham Campuses. It came in a board meeting held Tuesday night in Brenham.

The land in question is currently occupied in part by Lynntech - a company that describes itself as a production facility for clean energy, air and water purification, food decontamination, and equipment sterilization. The contract stipulates that Lynntech can remain in the space it currently occupies for 36 months.

In a media release Tuesday night, Blinn said it has not determined what academic ventures would be housed by the new facility - which it hopes to open as soon as Fall of 2015.

It cites its relative low cost and partnerships with local four year universities as a draw that has provided a 31% increase in enrollment growth since 2006. The board says a projection provided by architectural design and planning firm BOKA Powell shows the campus enrollment could reach or surpass 15,000 by 2017.

The actual purchase and purchase price has not yet been finalized. The Board of Trustees says the contract is "...contingent upon successful completion of the College's due diligence process."