Blinn College District President Involved In Academic Scandal

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BRYAN - Blinn College District President Harold Nolte now faces accusations that he covered up an alleged cheating scandal by a star football player, this according to a report in the Bryan/College Station Eagle.

Nolte, the highest-ranking administrator for the college, has been under fire the last few months for his performance by his peers at Blinn, including a no-confidence vote from the faculty senate.

The incident in question is two years old and surfaced recently as part of ongoing turmoil at Blinn College.


UPDATE: Blinn College released the following statement Monday:

"For 130 years, Blinn College has had an unwavering commitment to excellence. That commitment includes a fierce dedication to academic integrity and continuous reexamination of our scholastic dishonesty review policies. While student privacy laws restrict the College from speaking about specific allegations, District President Dr. Harold Nolte and Blinn College administrators have emphasized impartiality, fairness and student confidentiality in all cases.

"The College takes all such accusations seriously. When the article questioned why Dr. Nolte was directly involved in the 'case' and notes that the 'case was not officially appealed' to his level, it erroneously gives the impression that a formal appeals process was engaged. Dr. Nolte was asked to attend a meeting with two staff members, and his attendance did not violate any College policies or procedures.

"We are dismayed by the article’s heavy reliance upon one anonymous source, as well as the disregard for student privacy demonstrated by The Eagle and its anonymous source. Regardless, Blinn will remain steadfast in safeguarding its students’ private academic records and maintaining its longstanding reputation for academic integrity."