Blinn College Economic Impact Tops $345.3 Million For Region

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BRYAN, Texas Blinn Buccaneers are bringing big bucks to Bryan / College Station, Brenham, and the region.

$247.4 million is being pumped into the Bryan / College Station economy every year.

A record 12,832 students are enrolled at the Bryan campus.

"This is a really very exciting time to be at Blinn," said Sylvia McMullen, the Blinn Bryan Campus President.

The school has a 49 percent transfer rate which is the highest in the nation.

Most of those that transfer head to Texas A&M or Sam Houston State.

"And our good neighbors down the road at Texas A&M University they continue to grow. With their growth comes our growth," McMullen said.

Aaron Olanie is a Senior Economist with Economic Modeling Specialists International and presented the results of their economic impact study.

"They're a destination school. A lot of their students actually relocate to the area and then they also actually have a lot of students that stay in the area after they graduate," said Olanie.

Dr. Harold Nolte is the Blinn College District President.

He says the continued growth in Bryan has college officials planning for the future.

That could mean a brand new campus in our area or expanding the current one.

"They come here because they want to be here and that's exciting and so just like, and it's a good environment, it's a happy environment. People are glad to be here," said Nolte, Ed.D.

The communities they serve are also pretty happy with the dollars Blinn is bringing in.

Meanwhile,Texas A&M's economic impact on Bryan / College Station and the surrounding area was around $4.4 billion for 2013 while Sam Houston State University's Impact in the Huntsville area was $570 million.