Blinn College Hosts Job Fair

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BRYAN - Business is booming at Blinn College.

In fact, they've grown over 31% since 2006.

"We expect to go over 13,500 this Fall," said President of Blinn’s Brazos County Campus, Sylvia McMullen.

All those students are going to need professors.

"We are always searching for good faculty members," McMullen said.

That was the goal of Blinn's job fair.

"We continue to expand not only our facilities, but also that when we expand that, it expands our classes and it expands our need for instructors," McMullen said.

About 65 percent of the transfer students that come to A&M come from Blinn.

"Because of our proximity to Texas A&M, our growth continues to grow as their growth continues to grow," McMullen said.

Blinn's expanding student population begs the question...where do they put them?

"We have some classroom space that we are recapturing within the buildings that have been use for some, say, part-time office space," McMullen said.

For now, their current 83 acres on 29th Street and Villa Maria will do. In the future, though, they're looking at some options.

"We have a little room, but these but these buildings were not really built for additional expansion so it would call for building some additional buildings on this campus or other locations," McMullen said.

Blinn's impact is far-reaching...

"The fact that we are continuing to grow gives us the opportunity to provide places for students and to expand our programs so that we can serve the needs not only of our service area, but of the state of Texas," McMullen said.