Blinn Leaders Get Faculty Support After Previous 'No Confidence' Vote

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BRENHAM - Two of Blinn College's top administrators received a great deal of faculty support at Monday night's Board of Trustees meeting despite a 45-to-22 "no confidence" vote last week.

District President Harold Nolte, who's on the board, and Vice-President of Instruction Cynthia Griffith, attended the meeting in Brenham. They listened but didn't speak out when faculty members spoke in support of them.

Nolte announced sweeping faculty and class changes two years ago that was met with strong criticism from some Blinn faculty and staff.

Months of criticism, lead to a special meeting last week where the faculty senate passed a 45- to- 22 vote of "no confidence".

Faculty supporters at Monday's meeting say the vote was not only unfair, but embarrassing since less than six percent of the faculty got to vote on the matter. "This vote of 'no confidence' has no meaning or significance except negative publicity for the college, " says Thaddeus Hill.

" I hope you know I'm speaking as the silent majority who didn't have a voice, didn't get a vote and were notified at the 11th hour." says Sami Rahman.

Some faculty believe the vote had to do with people not wanting to adapt to Nolte's changes or a way of pushing him out and replacing him.

The board of trustees went into executive session. There's no word on what will happen from here.