Blinn Students Return to Campus in Record Numbers

Summer is over for students at two local colleges - Sam Houston State and Blinn College.

Blinn students returned to campus today in record numbers giving administrators a challenge of where to put them.With back packs on, Blinn College students returned to class for the fall semester.

More than 13-thousand students are enrolled at the Bryan campus. That's 800 more than last fall.

"We are pretty close to capacity on this existing campus," says President Sylvia McMullen.

Students say they can see and feel the difference.

Kelbie Gehm says, "it's definitely getting bigger the campus- more people coming."

You can see the over flow in the parking lot...

Haley Emmery says she's not excited about the parking.

But that's not keeping the students away...
Students say they are choosing blinn for the smaller class sizes and to save money.

"The teachers pay more attention to you and get to know you better, better relationship I like the smaller classes," says Emmery.

Byron Campos says for him it's a money factor, much cheaper to come to Blinn than to go directly to the university.

To make more room for students this year, President Sylvia McMullen says they had to get creative.

McMullen says, "We extended our schedules, we re-captured some classroom space that was be used by offices."

But knowing they are only going to continue to grow, McMullen says they are searching for options for next fall.

"We are looking at land and lease space, all of those options will be discussed over the next couple of months, we will have a solution for 2015," says McMullen

All in hopes of a new campus, so blinn can continue to offer smaller classes at an affordable cost for their students.