Blinn Students Say Parking on Campus is a Problem

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BRYAN It's the second week of classes at Blinn College in Bryan, and students say there's already a problem.

"It totally caught me off guard. I'm sure it caught everyone off guard, because that's the big buzz going around right now," said Ryan Way, a freshman at Blinn.

The buzz is about the parking problem on campus between the hours of 10-3 when most students have classes.

"It's a mess," said Emily Hall.

"I've seen fights. I've seen all sorts of stuff over parking spots," said Cameron Guzy.

Blinn administrators say parking during peak hours has been an ongoing issue for years, which is why they built a one million dollar, 300 spot parking lot over the summer.

However, students say the overflow lot also fills up, so they have to park on grass near campus.

Drivers will eventually get tickets for parking in makeshift spots, but the school is giving students a break for now.

"We're looking at parking structures, parking facilities, we're looking at buildings. We're looking at all kinds of options that we may choose to do in the future," said Sylvia McMullen, Interim President of Brazos County Campuses.

In the meantime, students are doing what they have to do to get to class.

"I parked over in the neighborhood," said Hall.

"You just have to get here early and wait," said Way.

Blinn administrators say their population growth mirrors the growth at Texas A&M. That's one reason why the schools are working together on a plan to deal with all the new students and their cars.