Blood Drive to Build Supplies Before Summer

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BRYAN The need for blood is on the rise across the state.

The American Red Cross, PHI Air Medical Services and St. Joseph's Hospital are joining forces to increase the blood supply. From now until 2 o'clock Thursday afternoon at the Brazos Center, they're asking for some of your time and blood.

"It's always important because the need is constant," said Jessica Amaro with the American Red Cross.

"You never know when things can happen and there's a need. Summer's coming up, more people are travelling, more people are hitting the roads," she continued. Amaro also said that a large part of the blood collected from blood banks comes from Universities and high schools. When those students are out on summer break, the Red Cross sees a huge drop in donations.

Organizers say a donation takes about an hour, sometimes less. The American Red Cross sent 120 pints of blood to hospitals in Killeen yesterday after the shooting at Fort Hood.