Blue Moon BBQ serves up Tender Selections

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Edge, Texas And if your looking for some juicy and tender BBQ in Robertson County, then it will be worth the drive out to the Blue Moon BBQ

It's a family owned and run business and the owners of Blue Moon say they take great pride in selecting the meat and put the meat on the BBQ pits 24 hours prior to serving up.
They say cooking it long and slow is just one of their secrets of their success.

Toni Moon, the owner says, we work really hard and want to put out the best product we can- however our secret is our customers, they spread the word around and we don't do a lot of advertising, it keeps growing and growing all by word of mouth. The product speaks for itself.

Hot Shots are a customer's a pepper that has been cleaned out and stuffed with brisket and cheese --then wrapped in bacon.