Bomb Threat Phoned in to Madisonville High School

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MADISONVILLE, Texas An all-clear has been given from law enforcement officials after Madisonville High School students had to be evacuated from the high school campus building following a bomb threat phoned in around 10:45 a.m. Wednesday.

Local law enforcement, along with bomb sniffing dogs, searched the campus for any evidence of a bomb throughout the day.

The following notice was posted by the district just after noon:

"A visual inspection of MHS by local law enforcement authorities was unable to locate any threat. Due to the time frame required for a more comprehensive search, only high school students will be released for the remainder of the day. Students unable to go home will continue to be in a safe location and dismissed at regular time."

Then, close to 3:00 p.m., the district sent this notice:

"MHS has received the all clear from assisting law enforcement. Classes have resumed. Dismissal for remaining students will be at the regularly scheduled time."

Students were kept a safe distance away at the gymnasium separate from the high school.

Superintendent Keith Smith tells News 3 police are working to trace the phone call to find out who phoned in.

Madisonville High School has approximately 650 students.

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