Bonfire Organizers: Let's Do This

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ROBERTSON COUNTY, Texas Postponed by rain in November, the Aggie student bonfire is ready to burn.

"We postponed it back in November because of all the rain. We couldn't have people safely come out here," said student organizer Andrew Pekowski.

Pekowski said it takes months to prepare for the event. This year's burn site, off Old Hearne Road near Old San Antonio Road in Robertson County, is expected to draw big crowds.

The bonfire is scheduled for 8 p.m. Saturday, and organizers said it will be a good night for a burn.

Pekowski said it doesn't matter that the football season is long since over.

"Building the bonfire is not about the game. It's entirely for the students, built by students for other Aggies," said Pekowski. "So people can come back and see it, and it's an awesome tradition that we have here."

Organizers said safety is their top concern with the bonfire. In 1999, a structure collapse left 12 people dead.

According to their website, significant changes were made to the construction of Bonfire to make it safer.

The bonfire is organized by students and funded by donations.

For more information about the bonfire and its history, click on the link added to this story.