Boyfriend Remembers A&M Student who Died After Mono Diagnosis

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COLLEGE STATION, Texas As a family waits for autopsy results, friends of a Texas A&M University student who died just days after a mononucleosis diagnosis, try to cope with her sudden and unexpected death.

"That's the hardest part, not being able to say goodbye," said Josh Lutkemuller. "I couldn't have comprehended what was going to happen this week."

Christy Crow, 19, a Sophomore at Texas A&M, was diagnosed with Mono on Friday. She went home to Friendswood with her mother and was checked into UTMB Galveston on Monday. Her condition grew worse, and by Wednesday morning, she'd passed away.

Lutkemuller, a Freshman A&M Corps of Cadets member, was Crow's boyfriend.

"Just all of a sudden, she's gone. It hit me really hard," said Lutkemuller.

Lutkemuller said they'd only been together for about a month, but a month with a girl like Crow could change a man forever.

"In that quick month, I learned a lot about myself," said Lutkemuller. "Don't guard yourself, be open."

Daniel Fink, also a Corps of Cadets member, was friends with both Crow and Lutkemuller. He said he'll never forget the difference Crow made in Lutkemuller's life.

"I saw Josh grow a lot," said Fink. "That means a lot to me as a friend. Seeing Josh grow through her, and seeing her grow through him."

Mono is also known as the kissing disease, but kissing is only one of several ways to catch Mono. Lutkemuller said he's never had Mono.

As for Crow's family, they said they want answers. Tops on that list, the family would like to know why Crow died from an infection that rarely results in death.

"I want to know why. I want to know why this happened," said Crow's brother, Nick, a Texas A&M graduate. "I want to know what happened in the middle of the night that caused her to stop breathing."

The family has set up a memorial fund for anyone wishing to help with funeral expenses. Any excess funds will go to Christy's Scholarship, set up to help future Aggies. To find out more, click on the link added to this story.