Ten E. Coli Cases Now Being Investigated in Brazos County

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The state health department is investigating two more suspected cases of E Coli bacteria in Brazos County.

Five cases have been confirmed while five others are still classified as suspected.

News 3 has a timeline of the small outbreak that happened last month.

There were some reasons to smile at Texas Children's Hospital over this past mother's Day weekend.

Two very ill College Station boys were able to laugh in a video posted on their Facebook prayer page.

4-year-old Jack an 18-month -old Noah Melton have been here for two weeks after being infected with a life-threatening strain of E. Coli.

"You know E coli's everywhere. It's inside all of us it just happens to be this one type that makes a toxin that attacks the kidneys," said Dr. Eric Wilke with the Brazos County Health Authority.

Wilke says state and local investigators are working to isolate the source and believe it came from food rather than water.

"I think they are making significant progress. It sounds like they've made a lot of good headway and we are hopeful they'll find a source here with in the next several days," he said.

All ten cases happened over a week period from April 15th to 22nd.

"So the general thought is any potential danger has waned at this point. Now it's just continuing the investigation to isolate the source," Wilke said.

We spoke with Texas State Health Services who say they must interview all patients about what they ate leading up to getting sick in hopes that will lead to the source.

"It is sort of a long list of questions that we interview people usually over the phone. Often times take a 7-day, in the case of 0157 it is a little longer incubation period. That is, it can take a little longer for people to actually get sick after being exposed to it,” said Chris Van Deusen with the health department.

The Melton brothers are still listed in fair condition at Texas Children's Hospital in Houston.

Their family has hired Terry Bryant, an attorney in Houston. Bryant said he has spoken with the Melton family numerous times.

"They would like to try to put the pieces together in terms of finding out who caused this and hopefully find other people that can come forward and tell the health department their story so that eventually we can figure out what the source of the contamination,” said Bryant.

The three other people confirmed to have been infected with E. Coli have since recovered.

The oldest patient was around 51-years-old.