Brazos County Jailer Arrested For Sneaking Tobacco & Drugs Into The Jail

Cody Jones
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BRYAN – A Brazos County Jailer is out of the Brazos County Jail on bond. The Sheriff’s Office says Cody Allan Jones accepted money from an inmate in exchange for sneaking tobacco and narcotics into the facility.

An investigator, listening to a call recorded March 20, overheard inmate Roy Arevalo, Sr. asking his son to conceal drugs, including Ecstasy, in packages of chewing tobacco, give it to “the mechanic” and pay him $500 to deliver it. “The mechanic” was later identified as Jones.

During questioning, Jones told investigators he accepted a total of $1,100, which included an extra $100 for his troubles, to make two deliveries of tobacco to Arevalo. Jones says he did not know about the drugs.

"I am very disappointed that one of our own has made the decision to jeopardize the security and safety of our detention center and for having done so for personal gain,” said Sheriff Chris Kirk. “I pledge that we will continue the investigation until we are confident that we have uncovered all of the details and bring consequences for any wrong doing."

Bond was set at $20,000 for Jones and $250,000 for Arevalo. Additional arrests are expected.

Jones has been a Detention Officer for the Brazos County Jail since December, 2012. Jones has been suspended with pay pending the completion of the internal investigation.