Brazos County Judge Suspends Herbicide Spraying Along Roadways In April

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BRYAN - Brazos County has suspended the spraying of herbicides along roads and highways for the month of April. County Judge Duane Peters recently announced the suspension after a number of residents voiced their concerns about the herbicide being a possible danger to wildlife.

The spray has killed any chance for wildflowers in certain areas this season, and has left brown strips of grass instead of a path of flowers.

"I didn't expect it to look like it did," said Judge Peters. "Frankly, I live out in the county and they sprayed in front of my place too. I saw what it did and I don't like the looks of it."

No official decision has been made if the county will stop the so-called chemical mowing. Judge Peters expects the Brazos County Commissions Court to discuss the issue at next Tuesday's meeting.