Brazos County Youth Livestock Show and Auction

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BRYAN - Heifers, Sheep, Steers and Pigs.

And the students taking care of them...all of them.

"[We're] washing them, we have to drop off their weight cards this evening, and just make sure he's eating right, and keep up with his weight, make sure he's not gaining or losing weight," said A&M Consolidated High School Senior Peyton McCleary.

There's a lot of work still to be done.

"Moooo," said Outlaw the Bull

"He's tired," McCleary said.

Kids like Leah Shields have been doing this for a while.

"It just comes naturally I guess. I like how you get to see them from when they're little babies and you feed them and feed them and then they get bigger. It's just really fun to watch them grow and develop," the sixth grader said.

Raising the animals for the livestock show and auction is a chance for youngsters to learn the value of hard work.

'It's worth a shot for everybody," Shields said.

The payoff is worth the effort.

"If you do good, you get some money and it's going to go towards future projects and my college fund to go to Texas A&M," said Shields.