Brazos Valley Bucket List - First Friday In Downtown Bryan

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Once a month the businesses in Downtown Bryan throw a little celebration that is full of flavor.

First Friday is celebrated the first Friday of every month and it gives main street a chance to show off what it has to offer.

"I'm a big proponent of downtown so it's exciting to bring more people in to see what's here," said Greta Watkins, owner of the Frame Gallery in downtown.

Back in 2006 Watkins reached a crossroads with her business.

"I was about to move locations and I thought, I've been thinking about this, I should just try it," said Watkins about starting a first Friday.

Watkins invited folks to come to her shop on first Friday for a little music, food, and socializing the old fashioned way, face to face.

"It feels like there is a big sense of community about coming downtown. You'll walk down the sidewalk and run into your neighbor or your friend you haven't seen in five years. The people aspect is a big part of it," said Watkins.

The event used to bring out a few dozens folks, now it brings out a few thousand.

"We've got an area to meet, to great, and visit," said life long College Station resident John Orozco.

Orozco has a simple equation when it comes to first Friday.

"Family, friends, fun," said Orozco.

From dancing in the streets, to the discovery of a new hot spot there is something for everyone in downtown.

"We came down here just to eat at Mr. G and come get a drink. It just happened to be First Friday," said Brandi Orlando.

Orlando found Downtown Uncorked as a nice spot to sedate the problems of the week and support local business.

"We have a larger town yet it's a still a small town so more people are able to get to know each other. It's a small business type of town also so it's a lot of mingling and I think it brings the community together," said Orlando.

"We've got all the things that you'd like in a small community, it's still open and you meet some new people," said Orozco.

"I think it's great! It brings a lot more people out and everyone gets to know each other," said Orlando.

It's a lot to take in and worth the short trip to Downtown.

"I would recommend people come to downtown Bryan and check it out. What else could we ask for," said Orozco.

Frequenting First Friday in Downtown Bryan a fine final stop on our Brazos Valley Bucket List.

If you've never experienced a First Friday, we've got good news for you, there is a First Friday coming up this Friday.

Festivities kick off around 5:00 p.m. and go well into the night.

For a full schedule we've got a link to the First Friday information page below.