Brazos Valley Bucket List: Sodalak's in Snook

Chicken Fried Bacon
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We're wrapping up our Brazos Valley Bucket List with a restaurant that's known for its extremely large steaks, and for inventing a bacon creation that's gained nationwide attention.

News 3's Kristen Guilfoos takes us to Sodalak's in Snook.

Curtis Sodalak knows his way around the kitchen. He's been helping his dad run the family restaurant for as long as he can remember.

He says, "It's country cooking at it's finest. I wouldn't say everything Grandma used to make, but it's pretty close."

When his dad passed away a few years ago, he wanted to make sure Sodalak's carried on, so he put on the chef hat full-time.

"I own the place, but I'm here 7 days a week cooking."

Front and center on the menu - a behemoth ensemble of Texas-sized steaks.

"We go from an extra small, which is our smallest. and it goes up to 2 and a half pounds, probably sometimes 3."

Another menu superstar... the home grown creation of chicken fried bacon.

"We fry it just like our chicken fried steaks. it's flour, milk and flour again. Basically it's chicken fried steak but it's bacon."

They go through about 70 pounds of it every week, served up six pieces at a time, complete with a side of gravy for dipping.

While there isn't any specific nutritional information available, something tells us the calorie count in this diet-busting dish is higher than the population count of the town it's served in. The population of Snook is 511.

Curtis can't argue. "You can take one look at it to know it's not good for you, but there's a lot of things that ain't good for you but people do them anyways."

We asked some customers if they ever think about the calorie count.

John Erwin says, "Every time I go to my cardiologist I think about it. I think about it frequently. But it doesn't stop me from enjoying it every once in a while."

To say Paul Castori is a "regular" would be an understatement. He eats at Sodalak's twice a day seven days a week, and tells us calorie counting doesn't cross his mind.

"Oh no. I never think about stuff like that."

Even Curtis Sodalak himself throws caution to the wind and indulges... every now and then.

"I don't eat a lot of it, but I eat some of it."

This isn't just a hit with Texans. They've had people from as far away as Chicago make the trip, just to taste this chicken fried concoction for themselves.

Curtis says, "They order it and they get it and they're just like wow."

It's a small restaurant that leaves a big impression and a full stomach.