Brazos Valley Children's Museum Renames Summer Camp to Honor Lt. Wallace

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To those who knew him, Lieutenant Wallace was remembered as much more than just a firefighter.

"He was so gentle when he was with the kids," Christina Seidel said.

For the past five years, Lieutenant Wallace would volunteer his time every summer to Fire Camp at the Brazos Valley Children's Museum.
The museum's executive director Christina Seidel remembers Wallace and his son participating at the summer camp together.

"They really felt safe and secure with the firemen in their presence, so that if they ever had to call on them, they didn't have to be afraid," Seidel said. "They knew they could feel safe with people like that. It was really cool to see the influence he had on those kids."

To honor Lt. Wallace, the museum is renaming the Fire Camp to the "Eric Wallace Fire Gator Camp." They are also donating ten percent of the registration fees for the summer camp to the 100 Club that supports firefighters and their families.