Brazos Valley Residents Preparing For Freeze Warning

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We've seen a drop of as much as 40 degrees in the past 24 hours.

Tropical plants and some of your patio plants we see in Central Texas don't always tolerate the cold weather.

While it won't be a deep freeze, it's not a bad idea to make some preparations now.

It's beginning to feel a lot like winter in the Brazos Valley despite deceiving sunny skies.

Gael Harrison and her friend Genie Alfano made a run for the car on a break from work.

It was downright blustery in the shade with wind howling through Downtown Navasota.

"I'm just enjoying the weather so much I have to go outside every now and then to see whether it’s really true that it’s going to get cold," said Harrison of Navasota.

"Somebody told me yesterday that it was going to freeze and I said I don't believe it because I had the A/C on the night before and then you flip it to heat, and so I wasn't prepared for the cold," said Genie Alfano of Navasota.

The sights and sounds had already arrived but now even the feel of Christmas is finally here. A big difference from temperatures in the 80's just this weekend.

Over at Martha's Bloomers Home & Garden Store Molly Harris was preparing plants for the coming Freeze Monday night.

"If a plant can retain it's water it stays hydrated. It stands a much better chance of survival," explained Harris.

Harris says it's important to know your plants.

"Know which ones are tropical types like sago palms that need extra protection like frost cloth to cover them, because again the thing that really gets them is the wind," she added.

"I'll be watching a football game and enjoying the weather," said Gael Harrison.

The National Weather Service has issued a freeze warning for Tuesday.

We could see temperatures below 32 degrees for six to eight hours.

While the temp is expected to drop below freezing, these conditions aren't expected to pose a big problem for household pipes.

If you want to protect your plants with frost cloth ,that can cost around $12 per piece and protects plants from moisture.