Brazos Valley Residents Returning Home From Unpleasant Carnival Cruise

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As the Carnival Cruise Ship "Triumph" neared the coast of Alabama Thursday afternoon, we started hearing from some of the local passengers we've been trying to contact for the past couple of days.

The reactions varied from minor frustrations to sickening conditions on board the ship.

It's been a frustrating five days trapped in the Gulf of Mexico for five couples from First Baptist Church in Bryan and all 4,000 people on board.

Thursday night the harbor of Mobile, Alabama inched closer into view.

What was to be a weekend getting away for five couples from First Baptist Church in Bryan turned into a miserable time at sea.

Sherri Welch and her husband Mays School Assistant Dean Ben just want to be back in Aggieland.

"When I get home my plan is to go see my three children; Rachel, Ryan and Graham and give them a hug. That's the one thing that's hard is today is the first day in several days we've had cellphone service. That's why we've not called y'all," said Sherri Welch.

"Some people have stood in line three hours just to get hamburgers. Monday we had they were giving cucumber sandwiches and onion rings," she added.

"It's just been an ordeal that I would not wish on anyone," said Ben Welch, PhD.

Ben Welch says there's lots of tension on board and frustration over no A/C, sewage waste in the halls and overflowing toilets.

All passengers will be getting a full refund on the cruise including travel expenses, a free future cruise and $500.

"From a monetary aspect I'm fine. I'm very appreciative of what they've done. What I hope that they will concentrate on is their commitment to health, safety, and environmental issues," said Ben Welch.

James and Wendy Ross are ready to be reunited with their kids in Franklin. They appreciate the crew's efforts but say the help from the outside didn't come soon enough.

"We floated for almost two full days just floating out at sea and just nobody. Finally after about two days the Coast Guard showed up," said James Ross.

"You can't discount an entire cruise line, but with that said we will not be doing a Carnival Cruise anytime soon," said Ben Welch.

Even though passengers began leaving the ship a little after 10 P.M. Central Time, it's expected to take hours going through customs, before passengers travel to their final destinations.

A lot of people's patience still being tested.