Brazos Valley Salvation Army In Need Of Help For Annual Campaigns

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Volunteers are hard at work, as they prepare wish lists of almost 2,000 kids.

Anson, a young volunteer prepares a bag of gifts for a family.

"It lets me know that this year at least some kids will have a better Christmas than they would have," said Anson.

These black bags represent the hundreds of families, called Angels from the Angel Tree.

Angels are families who can't afford to go out and buy presents for Christmas.

And this year not all the angels have been adopted.
At this point there just aren't enough gifts for the families.

"We still have about 70-75 angels on the tree," said Michelle Walker.

At the moment, there are 250 angels still out and gifts have not been turned in yet.

The Angel Tree program will be ending on December 15th angels still left without gifts the Salvation Army is asking for volunteers to come out and make those donations.

While the deadline draws near, people continue to drop off bikes, toys and clothing.

"We picked out about 13 families and we did we got sponsors from the department and we had a great turnout," said volunteers.

For Michelle Walker, one of the leaders for the Brazos Valley Salvation Army, it's a joy to help .

"It's always great to be able to give a little bit of love to somebody," said Walker.

The Salvation Army says the season can bring inspiration and hope to many who otherwise may not have the faith.

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