Breaking Down the Votes: Local Reps Comment on Shutdown, Debt Ceiling

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WASHINGTON, DC - Without exception, each member of Congress representing the Brazos Valley voted not to re-open the partially-shuttered government by adopting a budget and raising the debt limit. Senators John Cornyn and Ted Cruz, both Republicans, opposed the measure in the Senate, and Congressmen Bill Flores, Michael McCaul, and Kevin Brady did the same in the House.

Senator Cruz has taken a lot of criticism from his fellow Republicans for their approval rating drop during his championing of the shutdown in order to take down President Obama's healthcare initiative, the Affordable Care Act. The Freshman legislator countered though that "the battle will continue," on Obamacare. He spoke Wednesday evening on the Senate floor before the vote: "I am encouraged by the millions of Americans that want to get back to our free-market principles, get back to the Constitution, and stop this train wreck of a law that is the biggest job killer in this country."

The senior Senator from Texas, John Cornyn, voted against the last minute deal, and didn't give comment Wednesday night. His staff posted this message on the Senator's social media sites: "For over 5 years, Pres. Obama has sat on the sidelines while our economy has remained stagnant and our debt has nearly doubled. Year after year, the President has pledged to deal with our fiscal crisis and has done nothing but stick his head in the sand. Sen. Cornyn is hopeful that in the coming weeks and months we can do what the President has repeatedly failed to do: address our long-term spending problems."

Representative Bill Flores of Bryan's District 17 was among all three local House Representatives who voted against the House version of the legislation.

In a prepared statement, Flores said "This evening, I voted against the Senate's proposed legislation to resume federal government funding and to temporarily suspend the debt ceiling. I voted 'no' because this legislation allows the debt ceiling to be increased without any much-needed reforms to fix our country's critical fiscal challenges; it does not address the operational flaws and exploding costs of the newest federal entitlement, Obamacare; and it does not address other much needed economic growth policies such as tax reform, regulatory reform and energy security solutions."

Representative Kevin Brady represents citizens in Leon, Madison, Grimes, Walker and Montgomery Counties along with others as the congressman for Texas's 8th District. He issued the following statement:

"This Senate agreement pays America's debt in full and on time, but regrettably allows the President and Congress to avert its eyes from the tough challenges facing America. Republicans are willing to lead, but I'm afraid that as long as President Obama continues dancing around the need to take serious action to cut wasteful spending and begin saving Social Security and Medicare, a few months from now Americans may be viewing a sequel to this fiasco. Haven't Americans had enough of this?"

Representative Michael McCaul's District 10 stretches West from the Houston area to North Austin, including much of Washington County. McCaul voted against Wednesday's measure in the House.

“This bill ignores the catastrophic defects inherent in Obamacare, does nothing to reform our unsustainable entitlement programs or Washington’s out of control spending," he said in a statement. "This bill misses the point. We are $17 trillion in debt and instead of paying off and cutting up the maxed out credit card, we’re increasing the limit. I could not accept this bill and the American people shouldn’t either.”

Information from the Associated Press was used in this report.