Brenham ISD Considering Proposal to Allow Guns in Classrooms

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BRENHAM Brenham ISD is considering a proposal that would allow teachers and other staff to carry guns at school for added security.

It's called the "Brenham Angel Guardian Program", and school district officials say they've been working out the details of the proposal for several months now.

Superintendent Sam Bell says safety is a top priority at Brenham ISD. School staff would anonymously volunteer for the program, go through psychological and law enforcement training, and keep their gun in a safe in the classroom.

A lot of parents support the idea.

"I would rather them be armed and protected, and be able to protect themselves and our children," said Beth Schramm.

"I would agree with that, yeah," said Lynette Hammack.

However, others aren't so sure.

"I am completely against the program," said LaSandra Sanders, a retired Brenham ISD teacher. "I feel like security guards and policemen should be able to do this. Not teachers. I have obtained 301 signatures from various walks of the community that feel like I do."

School officials say more security guards could be the answer for Brenham ISD. New fencing and more surveillance cameras are options too. But most people agree that Brenham schools should prepare for potential threats against students and teachers now, rather than wish they had once it's too late.

Members of the Brenham School Board say they are taking their time discussing the pros and cons of this issue, so they did not vote on the proposal during Monday's school board meeting. District officials say a vote will probably happen in the next few months.