Brenham Middle School Students Join Retirees to Knit for a Good Cause

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At the Kruse Village in Brenham, 91-year-old June Davis passes the time with a needle and some yarn.

"My mother always said that if your hands are busy, you won't get in trouble," joked Mrs. Davis.

It's something she's been doing since she was a teenager but most kids these days don't know the first thing about this craft that dates back thousands of years. Except for one group of kids.

"These children are remarkable. I'm just amazed at what these teachers are doing with these children," said Mrs. Davis.

Once a month, students from the Brenham Middle School's Knitting Club come to visit Mrs. Davis. They get a first hand lesson from a master knitter but June seems to get more than that.

"It's so wonderful to be with them, I enjoy it a lot," said Mrs. Davis.

"If I needed my day to be brightened somebody would do that for me. Now I can do it for somebody else," said 6th grader Thai-Asia Blair.

Blair is one of the 25 students involved in the club and her spin on this story is you don't have to be a certain age to enjoy this pastime.

"Most people say that knitting is for older folks but that's not really true. You can do anything. That's like saying dancing is for young folks. Older people can do it and so can young people," said Blair.

And don't think for a second that knitting is just for the girls.

"I get better as it progresses," said 6th grader Justin Moore.

Moore is also taking part in the program. But as this thread comes together to make a pattern you realize what's going on here is more than just a friendly visit. It's a chance to give back.

You see these caps, sweaters, and scarves all have a purpose. They'll be donated to cancer patients, needy children, and for some of these students causes that are closer to home.

"Makes me feel like I'm doing something good because I know it's cold in dialysis and she knows that I care for her," said Blair.

Thai-Asia thinks about her grandmother as she knits together her scarf, strong enough to warm the body and the soul.

"I hope it's helping someone else, I know it's helping me," said Mrs. Davis.

Sweaters made by Mrs. Davis have gone to places across the globe including China and Africa.

The caps the students knit are donated to the University Cancer Center in Brenham.