Brenham Retiree A Year Round Santa

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Now that he's retired, 87-year-old Art Hinners enjoys one particular hobby. Wood working.

Most days you'll find Art in his garage at the Kruse Village in Brenham, gently sawing, sanding, and sculpting toys for boys and girls.

"What I do is I get them put together smooth and as perfect as I can make them," said Art.

The former NASA engineer who worked on the Apollo program now enjoys working on a simpler project, it doesn't require as much math and he can finish one right after the other.

"I've been able to make a couple of thousand a year by myself," said Art.

Each car, truck, and tractor Art makes follows a simple pattern.

"This has got 100 wooden toys in it and it represents all the different types. Little ones a big ones," said Art digging through a box of toys.

What he can't do in his garage, Art does in the community workshop.

"A lot of good work done in here," said Art.

It's a time consuming job but for a man with a lot of time of his hands but it's the prefect way to pass the time. You see these toys end up going to churches, missions, and even overseas.

Some have gone as far as the Sudan, all to brighten a child's life.

"It might be the only toy that child has in its lifetime. That's meaning full to me," said Art.

In the true spirit of Christmas, Art does all this just to do it.

"I don't want any personal credit really, I just want something to do. And if it's benefiting somebody then fine. And that's sort of the story I think," said Art.

And if this story could have a headline, well Art's got one for it.

"87-year-old retired aeronautical engineer from NASA is making the toys year round so it's Santa the year round," said Art with a smile.

During his time at NASA Mr. Hinners worked with the Apollo 11 astronauts and also helped design the life saving device that supplied oxygen to the crew of Apollo 13 as they returned home safely back to Earth in 1970.