Brittany Henderson Remains Jailed For Texas State University Bomb Threat

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A 19-year-old Bryan woman remains jailed in San Marcos accused of sending in an e-mail bomb threat to Texas State University last month that turned out to be a hoax.

Her friend Dereon Kelly of Bryan now faces federal charges for the threat in San Marcos.

He was already jailed for causing the Texas A&M bomb threat that happened just one day later.

News 3 spoke with Brittany Henderson's father Monday who told us they are hoping she'll be released from jail.

Questions remain on how close Brittany Hederson and Dereon Kelly were at the time of their arrests.

Henderson is no longer a person of interest in the Texas A&M bomb threat case but she and Kelly are both facing charges for causing the Texas State University bomb threat on October 18th.

Investigators say both bomb threat e-mails came from Brittany Henderson's account.

Texas A&M Police say Dereon gained access to her account and sent in the College Station threat from his cell phone.

News 3 stopped by Brittany's house and spoke with her father Charles.

"My lawyer's advising me to have no comment, so we have no comment at this time," said Charles Henderson.

Dereon Kelly's family tells us Brittany and Dereon had been dating.

Texas A&M Police say Dereon sent Brittany several texts including, "I logged into your e-mail," the day before the Texas A&M bomb threat.

He also allegedly said the morning of the threat, "Ima go ahead and leave brit i will not be hurt any longer don't c(all) or text me for anything goodbye you ruined my love life."

Brittany Henderson has been behind bars instead of at her Bryan home for nearly two weeks now. Investigators are still looking into her relationship with the other suspect Dereon Kelly.

"We haven't ruled out anything at this point and we're still actively investigating both the individuals as suspects," said Sergeant Alex Villalobos, with the Texas State University Police Department.

While police at Texas State are still looking into Henderson, her bond has been lowered to $40,500.

Brittany's father hopes she'll be released.

"We're fighting," said Charles Henderson.

Police at Texas State are working to forward the case to the Hays County District Attorney's Office.

Dereon Kelly has been jailed since October 19th originally on unrelated charges.

His bond for making a terroristic threat has been set at $150,000.

Brittany Henderson faces three counts of making a terroristic threat as well three counts of filing a false report.