Broken Glass, Dinged Cars: Storm Causes Hail Damage in Brookshire

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A strong thunderstorm brought hail to parts of Colorado, Fort Bend, and Brazoria counties early Wednesday.

One viewer reported hail in Kendleton in western Fort Bend County around 5 a.m. Earlier, hail was reported in Katy and in Columbus.

Some of the hail was ping pong ball-size, but most of it was pea-size. In some areas, up to six inches of hail piled up on the ground before the storm moved on.

In Brookshire, west of Houston, hail was caught on camera falling on vehicles and roads near a gas station. Some homes suffered broken windows and many cars were dinged by the falling ice.

The hail smashed windows at nearly all the apartments in one complex.

“It hit like a bomb, it was a machine gun, just shooting into the house—glass flying 10 feet into the house,” said Brookshire resident Desiree Boyd.

There was so much hail that residents said it looked like snow.

Amy Windoskey and her two kids took cover inside her home, but there was nowhere to hide her old Mustang.

“I was like, ‘oh my God, what happened to my car?’ I was terrified,” she said.

Wednesday afternoon a lot of people were cleaning up and surveying the damage.

Closer to the City of Houston, only scattered rain was reported. All of the wet stuff cleared out before noon.