Bryan Animal Center Seeing High Amount of Overcrowding

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There has been a spike in the amount of homeless animals in the area in the past few months. The Bryan Animal Center is trying to help place animals in homes, but the center also overcrowded.

They are looking for a home. Hoping for a family to love them, but space at the Bryan Animal Center has become a rare commodity.

"Every kennel that we have is full," Bryan Animal Center supervisor Julianne Burkhalter said.

The animal center is struggling to keep up with the number of animals coming in each day.

"We're looking to trying to get these animals into homes so we can make room for the animals coming in," Burkhalter said.

Burkhalter said they are going to take in as many animals as they can, but there is a limit.

"We're overflowing into smaller crates as well," said Burkhalter.

Small crates line the hallway, and offer a smaller, temporary home for the animals until a larger space is available.

"Every day is a challenge to see what the population is going to be like tomorrow," Burkhalter said.

The center is desperate for adoptions or fosters to avoid having to euthanize any of the animals.

Taylor Buckner recently adopted a puppy from the center. Now he is looking to save another life.

"I never had a dog and this is my first time," Buckner said. "Some shelters put animals down, so you might want to save one from getting killed."

Even though it comes with a big responsibility, he says taking the step to adopt is something he is proud of.

"I love it though. He is a little companion and keeps you company," Buckner said.

The Bryan Animal Center is running a five dollar adoption special that runs through the end of this month.