Bryan Break In Terrifies Resident; Arrest Made

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It's a nightmare scenario that a Bryan resident lived through. She heard screaming at her door, and then someone breaking into her apartment.

Bryan Police say that person was Bryan Sees. The 19-year-old and his friend told police they thought they were at a friend's place on Hollow Hill Drive near Blinn Saturday evening.

The two reportedly banged on the door, ringing the doorbell and shouting obscenities, and one of them allegedly urinated on the door. Then, Sees entered through a second floor balcony door as the resident there hid in her bedroom closet. Police say Sees and his friend got help from neighbors who thought they were helping the residents back into their own home.

Once Sees got in, he says he realized it was not his friends' place, and left through the front door.

Sees' friend had dropped his cell phone, and that's how police tracked him down. He faces a charge of criminal trespassing.

The friend was not arrested.