Bryan City Council Takes Bus Tour of Major Projects

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BRYAN, Texas The Bryan City Council got a moving tour of town Tuesday taking a look and some of the city's past and present capital improvement projects.

News 3 went along for the ride so you can see what council members saw and for a look at what's ahead.

It was a workshop on wheels for the Bryan City Council.

Rather than meeting at city hall or a conference room, the council loaded up on a Brazos Transit District Bus for a tour of a few of the $53 million in improvements being made around town.

Paul Kaspar is a Bryan City Engineer and says the list he's sharing is 25 pages long.

"We won't be able to see all of them and it's not a stopping and getting out tour. It, it's very much a windshield tour but we'll get a lot of information about a lot of those projects out to them today," Kaspar said.

Some of the highlights include a big expansion coming for the Bryan City Cemetery, updating the oldest traffic light in Bryan in a few weeks at Dodge Street and South College Avenue, which has been there for about 60 years.

Already under construction now are new signals at University and Copperfield Drive.

Council Member Rafael Peña was pleased with progress being made in his district but still wants more sidewalk improvements on the city's north side.

"I'm just super excited that we got the whole council together to come down to District 2 because I'm not just blowing smoke this is what we need," Peña said.

It's been several years since the city council has done this. The afternoon tour covered about 40 miles of city streets.

Bryan Mayor Jason Bienski tells us it's part of a five year plan.

"We've got hundreds of projects throughout the City of Bryan and all the Single Member Districts that are under way and just completed and some that are fixing to start so a lot of good projects that are beneficial to the citizens of Bryan, said Bienski.

Prioritizing projects with many more to come.

The five year capital improvement plan started last year and goes through the year 2018.