Bryan City Officials Negotiating Steel Mill For Texas Triangle Park

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The City of Bryan says it's close to a deal with what would be the biggest manufacturer to set up shop in Bryan.

Discussions are under way with a company looking to build a steel mill at Texas Triangle Park near F-M 2818 and Highway 6 in north Bryan.

It's not yet known exactly how many employees will be needed, but city officials say this deal could put hundreds of people to work.

City officials are very excited about this.

News 3 spoke with Bryan Mayor Jason Bienski Monday afternoon and he says the agreement is still being worked on.

The city is not revealing who's coming yet but a major announcement on the business is expected as early as Tuesday.

A first of its kind business in Bryan / College Station is aiming to set up shop at Texas Triangle Park.

The industrial area in north Bryan near 2818 and Highway 6 is an inland port with access to Highway 6 and rail transport.

News 3 has learned Bryan City officials are negotiating a deal to bring a steel mill to the area.

Bryan Mayor Jason Bienski couldn't release all the pending details yet, but says the upcoming announcement will be big.

"Our job as elected officials is to provide good job opportunities for our community and these will be another avenue in addition to everything going on in the Biomedical Corridor. And all the high end jobs that we're working on. We'll have some manufacturing jobs for our community," said Mayor Bienski.

While final details on the steel mill are still being ironed out, the latest addition here at Texas Triangle Park is almost completely finished with construction, as Gunler Foods gets ready to open up for business.

Dennis Goehring is the Executive Director of the Bryan Business Council.

Gunler Foods will manufacture here and then ship their cooking oil products to Mexico.

"We are still waiting on the equipment to come in that has not arrived yet and of course that'll take some time. But they are looking forward to getting started sometime this summer and looking at about 222 employees," said Goehring.

The new company being announced this week is based out of the country. Their name hasn't been released yet.

"Again probably the largest manufacture ever to locate in Brazos County so this is a big deal. It will be a big day for Bryan, Brazos County," said Mayor Bienski.

If a final agreement is reached, construction could begin later this year.

We will let you know as soon as an official announcement is made.

The announcement is expected to happen at 10 A.M. Tuesday.