Bryan Code Enforcement Seizes Property In Reported Case of Hoarding

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BRYAN - Bryan Code Enforcement officials seized a lot of junk from outside a home Thursday morning after they say they got a lot of complaints from neighbors.

The city says the homeowners had been warned.

News 3 investigated why officials were forced to step in.

Pile after pile of debris was hauled away from a home in the 900 block of Winter Street in Bryan after a reported case of hoarding.

Mark Jurica is Bryan's Treatment and Compliance Manager and says the city started getting complaints about the home's appearance this past summer.

"It was trash, debris, limbs, things of that nature that had built up and accumulated against the property. Typically we make contact with a resident, try to negotiate a timeline to get things repaired. Just unfortunately some people need help and we come to a point where the city has to take action," said Mark Jurica.

The most dangerous discovery was a swarm of bees inside a debris pile stung several workers including Mark Jurica, twice.

"It comes with the job," he said.

The city says they have to do these seizures about once a month around town and it's always a last resort.

A woman leaving the home declined to talk to us.

Neighbor Ernest Duran Jr. says he doesn't know the couple and didn't think there was a problem.

"It would be nice if neighbors instead of complaining to the city once in a while maybe even talk to a neighbor and maybe come to an understanding," he said.

Other neighbors we spoke with agreed while one said it had been an ongoing problem.

The city says it had given the home's owners ample time to clean up the mess, but since nothing was done they stepped in.

"The bottom line is the problem has been corrected, the neighborhood has been returned to where we think is a good standard and a win-win for both parties," said Mark Jurica.

In all two truckloads full of junk were hauled away.

The homeowners will be charged by the city to clean their yard, but it's not known how much.

The city is still calculating man-hours and the cost the landfill will charge to dispose of the junk.

If you have questions or complaints about a property in Bryan you can contact the Help Bryan hotline at (979) 209-5900.