Bryan Couple Welcomes Baby On 11/12/13

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BRYAN, Texas It's a date you won't soon forget.

That's why couples lined up to get married Tuesday on 11/12/13 and that's why some parents wanted to welcome their baby into the world.

St. Joseph Hospital in Bryan says six couples requested the day and eight babies were born.

News 3 got to meet one of those newborns.

"Wake up. Hmm,?" said Raynal Rogers of Bryan, gently to her child.

A newborn baby sleeps in this corner of St. Joseph Hospital in Bryan.

While every baby is special, little Jo'Siah Wisdom Fresch has a birthday hard to forget.

It's something his mother Raynal Rogers of Bryan didn't notice until the hospital staff wrote it down.

"I was like oh 11/12/13," she said.

At 6.6 pounds, 19 and 3/4 inches long, his birthday was something they didn't plan.

"It kind of just happened 'cause really we went to the doctor on Friday and we wanted to have him Friday but they said come back Monday. And then Monday we barely got squeezed in because it was like so full," she said.

Father Curtis Fresch says his boy is already a character.

"He barely cries. He's like when you open his eyes he looks around smiling. He's then, he makes his little face and everything when he just wakes up," said Curtis Fresch.

"I hope he lives up to his name, 'cause you know Josiah was the king when he was 8-years-old out of the Bible. So I hope he lives up to it," said Raynal Rogers.

A birthday blessing just getting going.

The couple plans to head home with their baby from the hospital Thursday.

Jo'Siah is the youngest of four kids.