Bryan Family In Tough Times After Rental Home Catches Fire

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A Bryan family is starting over after losing everything they owned in a fire.

The fire was started by a candle the family was using for light because their electricity had been cut off.

The Stewart Family is now facing a difficult situation right before the holidays.

It's a reality Mary Stewart is still coming to terms with.

"This is weird," she said as she walked us into her destroyed living room.

She and her husband and brother-in-law lost their rental home to a fire on North Randolph Avenue Monday afternoon.

She and her husband were at work when it started.

Her brother-in-law lit a candle because the power had been shut off because they got behind on their electric bill.

"We don't have anything as far as to salvage maybe a little items, but as far as, thank God to Red Cross, they stepped in," said Mary Stewart.

The fire burned so fast and with such intensity that things like their flat screen TV aren't even recognizable.

Things were already tight and her brother-in-law was off undergoing dialysis while we were there.

Her sister-in-law Carolyn Stewart lives just across the street.

"We just gotta keep trusting God because it could have been worse," said Carolyn Stewart.

Bryan Fire Inspector Gerald Burnett says something as simple as a burning candle can cause so much trouble.

"Had the windows open and the front doors open. It was a nice day out and what it looks like is the wind blew that candle over," said Gerald Burnett.

The Stewarts are most grateful no one was hurt but are leaning on their faith and family at Union Baptist Church in Edge.

"It's hard. It's hard when you lose everything," said Mary Stewart.

The Fire Marshall's office says power had been off at that house since October.

BTU says the Stewarts were more than 20 days late on their bill.

They owed about a thousand dollars.