Bryan Fire Department Announces Local Medical Director

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The Bryan Fire Department continues to run more and more medical calls every year and hopes to improve emergency medical care from the scene to the hospital.

It has now added a local medical director.

News 3 looked into how patients could benefit from a new partnership between Saint Joseph Hospital and Bryan paramedics.

When you see Bryan Firefighters out responding to emergencies it's usually not a fire, but a medical call.

Bryan Fire Chief Randy McGregor says their new medical director will be a local source for medical advice for paramedics and EMT's. The previous one was based out of Dallas.

"If they have questions, have issues, they can radio right to the emergency room physician who will be receiving the patient for guidance and direction if needed," said McGregor.

Dr. Aaron Buzzard is an emergency physician at St. Joseph and will also provide training and latest medical treatment options to paramedics as part of his new job.

"We're working aggressively on a new training regimen that the paramedics will have to participate in which ought to increase the ability of the paramedics to provide excellent care," Dr. Buzzard explained.

This arrangement now allows the medical director to be able to respond on scene at disasters and major incidents, like what we saw just two months ago when a gunman opened fire blocks away from Texas A&M.

"The earlier and faster you get a patient to definitive care and start their treatment the more likely they are to have a good outcome," said Dr. Brandon Lewis, Director of Emergency Services at St. Joseph Hospital.

We're told the $60,000 cost for the program is the same as it was before but with expertise now coming from a local level.

Last year the Bryan Fire Department responded to more than 7,100 medical calls.

The fire department has around 100 paramedics, and that includes firefighters.