Bryan Firefighter Mitch Moran Back At Work Following Deadly Fire

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BRYAN, Texas A Bryan Firefighter critically injured in the Knights of Columbus Hall Fire is back on the job a little more than a year after the department's deadliest day.

News 3 spoke with Mitch Moran about his recovery.

Mitch Moran is happy to be on duty with his fellow firefighters and says it's what he always wanted after nearly losing his life.

He told us it's great being back.

It's a tough job being a Bryan Firefighter and Mitch Moran has been through some trying times.

"I've got a bit of extra padding in the back right here for my lower back where it was damaged," said Mitch Moran as he showed us his fire gear.

In February 2013 Moran and fellow firefighter Ricky Mantey spent 15 weeks at a burn unit in Galveston following a deadly fire at the Knights of Columbus Hall in Bryan.

Firefighters Eric Wallace and Greg Pickard lost their lives.

"I never doubted that the department would be there for me, the guys would be there for me but just the immense outpouring of support from the community and the neighboring departments especially Galveston those guys are awesome. It's really meant a lot to me and my family," said Moran.

February 15th marked the solemn one year anniversary of the event but also brought signs of hope as Mitch Moran officially reported back to duty.

"I was just happy to be back at it, happy to hear everybody supporting me through everything and it's just awesome to be back around it again," he said.

He's working to finish paramedic school for the department and has been on scene for EMS calls and some car wrecks and says he's ready to face fighting fires again with some specialized gear to protect his burns.

"I spend so much time here it's doesn't feel right not being here," Moran smiled.

Mitch Moran is originally from Buffalo, New York and not Bryan.

He started out as a volunteer firefighter in Brazos County.

Later this month marks his two year anniversary with the Bryan Fire Department and his next goal is to be promoted to driver.

Fellow Firefighter Ricky Mantey is continuing to recover from his injuries from the fire last year.

He has not yet returned to work.